Frequently Asked Questions

An implicit requirement here is that you are somewhat familiar with AWS and HTTP in general. Do feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions and I’ll do my best!

Is there a hosted version of IRC Hooky I could use instead?

There very well might be! But unfortunately this isn’t it. The complexity of adding user & account management on top of IRC Hooky isn’t in the scope of this project.

What options do I have besides

You are than welcome to use AWS console, aws cli, or any tool that you are more comfortable with.

The reasoning behind versus writing out the instructions manually is because the latter got unweildy fast. Iterating on an environment where one has to copy/paste commands into a terminal window got cumbersome and I decided to write a python tool to take care of that aspect.

You should be able to glean all the information you need from and plug that back into your tool of choice.

For an idea of what the manual instructions previously looked like, have a look at this commit.

Where do I report bugs?

It would be awesome if you could open up a Github Issue with as much detail as you can provide. Then we can talk it through and see what needs doing!

How do I contribute to IRC Hooky?

Pull Requests work best here. If you need my help with a new feature get a hold of me (Marvin Pinto) and I’ll help you out!