 About Me

Hello, I’m Marvin!

Marvin Pinto

I’m a software developer who lives and works in the beautiful City of Toronto. I started my own company a little while back as part of shipping a side project I’ve been working on - Switchboard (more info below). If you’re looking for a consultant or to fill a full-time development role, get in touch! I’m always up to chat.

Here’s where you can find me on the Internet:

Curious as to what I’ve been up to lately?   Projects


The source code and content for this website both live in the marvinpinto/disjoint.ca repository on GitHub. If you spot any mistakes or catch me in an outright lie I’d love to hear from you


  • TIL Section: This idea was very much inspired by des4maisons and jbranchaud’s TIL repositories on GitHub. My hope is that indexers pick this up and it becomes helpful to other people as well.

  • Front page banner: The original image for this lovely banner was borrowed from the gallery at unsplash.com, which des4maisons then took over and made even more awesome!

  • Logo: The logo for the disjoint.ca website was borrowed and adapted from the wonderful folks at Fairpixels (via logodust.com). Look them up for your logo needs!

  • Hugo Static Site Generator: Can’t forget to mention that this site itself was developed using Hugo - A Fast & Modern Static Website Engine.


Derpy Lady the Dog

And last but not least this here is my derpy dog Lady! She is very awkward for her age and completely adorable. We rescued her as a puppy from a shelter in Ontario called Blue Collared Canines and she’s been a delightful addition to our family ever since.

If you follow me on Twitter I promise to stop tweeting about techy stuff and stick to doggy pictures only