 Recent Projects

Ledger Reconciler

Ledger Reconciler is a Node.js command-line tool to automatically download and reconcile your Ledger financial entries. It uses Headless Chrome and the puppeteer library to automate the task of logging into all your bank accounts and reconciling your transactions - https://disjoint.ca/projects/ledger-reconciler


Switchboard is a webapp built to give people full control over their internet-based phone number. It allows people to control exactly when and how they are interrupted, along with regular phone-like features people have come to expect (push messaging, call forwarding, and so on).

The backend is a Node.js application powered by a few AWS & Google services: Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, S3, Cognito, Firebase, and others. The frontend is a single-page-app written in React - https://goswitchboard.com


Charlesbot is a modular Slackbot written using Python 3’s asyncio framework. It was designed to be self-deployed and easily extendible via the plugin system - https://disjoint.ca/projects/charlesbot

IRC Hooky

IRC Hooky makes it easy to send custom webhook-triggered notifications to IRC using a serverless architecture. Read more about it at https://disjoint.ca/projects/irc-hooky and the article I wrote: Using a Serverless Architecture to deliver IRC Webhook Notifications.