Welcome to IRC Hooky!

IRC Hooky makes it easy to send custom webhook-triggered notifications to IRC using an entirely serverless architecture.

Using a combination of AWS Lambda and API Gateway, listening for and delivering webhooks could cost pennies per month compared to an actual server and all the maintenance that comes with it.

The Lambda and API Gateway pay-only-for-what-you-use model seems to fit perfectly for this use case!

The blog post Using a Serverless Architecture to deliver IRC Webhook Notifications talks a bit more about the why of IRC Hooky and explains some of the design decisions behind it. I encourage you to read it!

More Info

This website covers the project information for IRC Hooky such as installation, development, and so forth.

Please use GitHub Issues for filing bug or feature requests, and Pull Requests for submitting code patches.

Have a look through the left sidebar to get started, and thank you for checking this out!