American Express Plugin

This Ledger Reconciler plugin allows you to download and auto-categorize all the available credit-card transactions in your American Express Credit Card account.

American Express date range dropdown

American Express date range dropdown

It goes through and automatically parses all the credit card transaction details under the Year to Date date range.


Under the plugins section of your config file, the following keys are needed for the American Express plugin:

  • name - Name that is printed on screen (e.g. American Express).
  • location - Location of the plugin. Set this to ./lib/plugins/AMEXPlugin.
  • username - Your American Express username.
  • password - Your American Express password.
  • ledgerAccountName - The name of the Ledger account you would like to associate these transactions to.
  • ledgerCurrency - The Ledger currency you would like these transactions listed in.

An example configuration one could use with the American Express plugin might look something like:

  - name: 'American Express'
    location: './lib/plugins/AMEXPlugin'
    username: '<amex username>'
    password: '<amex password>'
    ledgerAccountName: 'Liabilities:AMEX'
    ledgerCurrency: 'CAD '


The ledger-reconciler program attempts to save where it left off in order to minimize duplicate transactions. Transactions on the American Express website are precise up to the day; so hours, minutes, and seconds are not recorded. What this means is that any transactions that come in on the same day after ledger-reconciler is run will not be recorded as ledger-reconciler considers each of these newer transactions as “already processed”.