Tangerine Banking Plugin

This plugin allows you to download and auto-categorize all the available banking transactions in your Tangerine Banking account.

Tangerine Bank transaction history dropdown

Tangerine Bank transaction history dropdown

It parses all the transactions in the specified sub-account from the last 12 months and inputs that information into Ledger.


Under the plugins section of your config file, the following keys are needed for the Tangerine Banking plugin:

  • name - Name that is printed on screen (e.g. Tangerine Banking - Chequing).
  • location - Location of the plugin. Set this to ./lib/plugins/TangerineBankingPlugin.
  • username - Your Tangerine client number, card number, or username.
  • bankingWebsitePin - Your Tangering website PIN.
  • accountNumber - The account number listed on your Tangerine banking portal. The parser will go through and retrieve all the transactions within the last 12 months from this account. e.g. 123456789.
  • securityQuestions - A list of all the security questions and answers associated with your Tangerine account. See the example below on how to format this list.
  • ledgerAccountName - The name of the Ledger account you would like to associate these transactions to.
  • ledgerCurrency - The Ledger currency you would like these transactions listed in.

Full Tangerine Banking configuration example:

  - name: 'Tangerine Banking - Chequing'
    location: './lib/plugins/TangerineBankingPlugin'
    username: '11122233'
    bankingWebsitePin: '123456'
    accountNumber: '123456789'
      - question: 'Who won the super bowl last year'
        answer: 'Raptors'
      - question: 'Pick a number between one and 100'
        answer: 'Blue'
    ledgerAccountName: 'Assets:TangerineChequing'
    ledgerCurrency: 'CAD '


The ledger-reconciler program attempts to save where it left off in order to minimize duplicate transactions. Transactions on the Tangerine Banking website are precise up to the day; so hours, minutes, and seconds are not recorded. What this means is that any transactions that come in on the same day after ledger-reconciler is run will not be recorded as ledger-reconciler considers each of these newer transactions as “already processed”.