Prestocard Plugin

This plugin allows you to download and scrutinize all your Prestocard transactions, in effect treating it like just another Ledger account.

It uses the Transit Usage Report functionality to record all trasactions for a given year.


Under the plugins section of your config file, the following keys are needed for the Prestocard plugin:

  • name - Name that is printed on screen (e.g. Prestocard).
  • location - Location of the plugin. Set this to ./lib/plugins/PrestocardPlugin.
  • username - Your Prestocard username.
  • password - Your Prestocard password.
  • ledgerCurrency - The [Ledger currency][ledger-currency] you would like these transactions listed in.
  • transitUsageReportYear - The Transit Usage Report year to process transactions for.

Full Prestocard configuration example:

  - name: Prestocard
    location: ./lib/plugins/PrestocardPlugin
    username: 'prestouser'
    password: 'hunter2'
    ledgerAccountName: 'Assets:Prestocard Balance'
    ledgerCurrency: 'CAD '
    transitUsageReportYear: 2018
    inverseTransactions: false